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What do we do?

We embrace the importance of building for change – recognising that the best moment for businesses to start doing so is ‘now’.

Our team of experts are able to support clients throughout their transformational journeys, and at any stage of maturity in their products application life cycle.

Bringing a balanced blend of governance and thought leadership as well as scalable teams for delivery of enterprise level transformation we provide a range of services customised to our clients needs.

Our work has seen us support some of the largest Communication Service Providers and Financial Service providers in the world, as well as a range of Select Market clients in europe.

In doing so, we’ve been able to build solutions that are tailored to solve real world problems – delivering measurable value that accelerates time for return on investment. We also have a number of service offerings that provide the right levels of support to clients dependent on their needs.

How do we do it?


  • Review business objectives & define success measure
  • Work Scoping & Impact Assessment
  • Capture Microjourneys, personas, channels, data & interfaces
  • Establish collaborative co-production project teams
  • Architecture & Solution Alignment
  • Create Product Roadmap & RAID Log

1. Discover

Understanding business needs to determine possible design solutions

  • Create Product & Feature Backlogs
  • Validate Project Plan
  • Establish High Level Governance Plan
  • Product High Level Design

2. Prepare

Setting up for Success

  • Build & Test prioritised backlog
  • Continuously refine & prioritise backlog
  • Set up continuous integration & continuous deployment processes
  • Define Target Operating Model & User adoption plan
  • Ensure Go Live readiness

3. Build

Seamlessly build & test business capabilities

  • Execute Targeting Operation Model - including simulation
  • Co-production Delivery - supporting & upskills teams
  • Application Performance & Business KPI Measurement
  • Retrospective & Plan MLPn

4. Adopt & Business as Usual

Go live, Measure Success, Optimise & Plan MLPn

Review business objectives & define success measure
Work Scoping & Impact Assessment
Capture Microjourneys, personas, channels, data & interfaces
Establish collaborative co-production project teams
Architecture & Solution Alignment
Create Product Roadmap & RAID Log

Review business objectives & define success measure
Work Scoping & Impact Assessment
Capture Microjourneys, personas, channels, data & interfaces
Establish collaborative co-production project teams
Architecture & Solution Alignment
Create Product Roadmap & RAID Log

Review business objectives & define success measure
Work Scoping & Impact Assessment
Capture Microjourneys, personas, channels, data & interfaces
Establish collaborative co-production project teams
Architecture & Solution Alignment
Create Product Roadmap & RAID Log

Review business objectives & define success measure
Work Scoping & Impact Assessment
Capture Microjourneys, personas, channels, data & interfaces
Establish collaborative co-production project teams
Architecture & Solution Alignment
Create Product Roadmap & RAID Log


We are a Pega Authorised Training Partner

DCS drive operational transformation through innovative approaches and tailored solutions, ensuring our clients achieve their business objectives efficiently. We provide specialised training in strategic implementation, training and workforce development. 


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"The DCS team supported us beyond our MLP1 implementation. Their pragmatic approach helped establish core principles and the foundations from which to grow. They implemented Upsell, Retention and Loyalty offers using adaptive models. Their flexibility meant we were able to maximise the value from our investment."
Johanna Michel
Technology Marketing Business Analyst
Jan 2023
"The team supported our Alliance across the programme; taking a leading role in our Centre of Excellence to shape our strategic roadmap as well as being our scaling build partner across delivery squads. Their knowledge of the latest Pega features and proactive nature ensured we leveraged the full power of the Pega products capabilities."
Leana Kielkowicz
Formerly Customer Decisioning Alliance - Alliance Lead
Jan 2023
“They supported the migration of our Credit Risk Decisioning Platform from Chordiant to Pega Cloud. They worked closely with the Alfam and Pega team, taking a leading role in defining and implementing the decisioning framework as well as rolling out a successful go-live with seamless business continuity. They understand our needs and advise on the best practices. Their knowledge, expertise and flexibility continue to add value to our next phase of work.”
Vincent Van Dormont
Head of Credit Risk
Feb 2023
“The DCS team have been our strategic 1:1 Customer Engagement partner since 2019 supporting all stages of the delivery cycle from Programme Management and Centre of Excellence through to Development and Automation Testing; working in a dynamic multi-partner ecosystem. They also support our cloud data migration and integration workstreams using Google Cloud Platform, continually demonstrating their value by supporting complex business transformation.”
Paul McVicar
Data & Decision Science Director
Feb 2023


Visitor Personalisation is all about taking your existing Pega 1:1 decisioning capability, and extending it to cater for those non-logged in experiences on your own website.

Approximately 80% of your website traffic is likely to be in this non-personalised funnel, receiving default, generic content. Being able to harness data signals from each visit, and potentially across visits, there is the potential to uplift the experiences, courtesy of personalisation, and improve your website conversions.

DCS’s Visitor Personalisation solution makes the most out of your existing Pega CDH stack, but also harnesses the first party digital orchestration power of Celebrus. This means that you are listening with the right ears, decisioning with the right brain, and delivering an end-to-end solution with the right solutions partner.


  • 1st Party Digital Data 
    Live time data contextualisation in-session and across-sessions, utilising ID graph, all tag-free
  • Visitor ID Handling 
    Caters for Customer and Visitor ID’s seamlessly in decisioning, including stitching data when IDs are associated 
  • Use Case Extension 
    Extend your business taxonomy to harness new Acquisition and Marketing scenarios, utilising existing and new actions in your own channels 


Celebrus is a 1st party data solution, listening in live time, and utilising AI to understand each user’s personal digital traits. Data is stitched together using an identity graph, and delivered via Out-Of-The-Box connectors into Pega’s data models. This means that Pega is given rationalised, intelligent digital signals that enable it to make more informed decisions, at times that matter. Celebrus can also render personalised content using Pega’s Container (personalisation) API, allowing personalised content to replace generic default content at times that matter.

DCS has the breadth of experience to deliver new and enhanced Pega use cases, covering data, decisioning and integrations. We have the gravitas and end-to-end decisioning experience to merge Acquisition scenarios into your existing Marketing customer decisioning solution.

The key benefits of our packaged service offering are:

  • Enhanced Visitor Experiences
  • Improved Visitor Conversions 
  • The Avoidance of 3rd party cookie problems 
  • Re-use your existing Pega decisioning solution 

Find out more about this solution by contacting us here or via Pega Marketplace.


The DCS Customer Success Dashboard is a great way to identify key trends in Customer behaviour over time, all from within the confines of Pega CDH.


  • Marketing Funnel 
    Understand the degrees of Customer engagement, including where drop-offs occur.
  • Cross Tabs 
    Understand both organic and Pega-influenced trends in Customer behaviour, split by key customer attributes, enabling clearer and more intuitive marketing goals.
  • Trends over time
    Choose comparison timeframes to establish trends, including setting and monitoring high level targets. Additionally filter down to specific Customer Base audiences to better understand behaviour rationale, and how to action. 


Unlock Customer Value with the DCS Customer Success Dashboard. Your Pega solution will be making millions of decisions every day, sometimes multiple times for each Customer, across the breadth of Journeys and touchpoints.

Understanding the aggregate effects of these decisions on your Customer Base can be difficult to achieve. 

With the DCS Customer Success Dashboard, you’ll be able to understand the moving trends in your Customer Base, helping to make and monitor strategic value and volume targets.  

The key benefits of our packaged service offering are:

  • Easy to interpret given that the stats are in the currency of your Customer volumes and value, in effect reflecting the compound effects of Pega decisioning on your base.
  • Easier to set meaningful Marketing Goals given that you can understand the strategic shape of your base, and hence can be more realistic in what you can achieve, especially in relation to any universal control groups you’ve defined.
  • Easier to take Commercial control as you gain confidence in how Pega 1:1 engagements impact your base, from both a volume and value perspective. 
  • Complements existing Pega reporting and insight so that the enhancement of commercial reporting and insight roles are intuitive rather than confusing. Use tools such as Value Finder, Audience Simulation and Impact Analysis to optimise decisioning based on targets you set, knowing that you can monitor the compound effects on the base over time.
  • Assistance for Discovery where trends are not yet discovered or acted upon, where you’re focusing more on the opportunity and risk rather than solutionising.
  • Assistance for BAU by regularly monitoring the effects of existing and new strategies, whilst still looking out for changing organic trends that could lead to re-evaluation.

Find out more about this solution by contacting us here or via Pega Marketplace.


Personalised pricing is applicable across almost all industries, but it can sometimes be a challenge to achieve it effectively. Our solution lets a business maximise its revenue, by charging higher prices for certain product(s) or services(s) to customers that have a higher propensity to accept a higher price (as well as the reverse), whilst ensuring a good customer experience. We use extension points in Next Best Action Designer, and follow a simple design pattern that allows the Personalised Pricing solution to be easily adopted and flexed by operational teams in-life, as well being performant and upgrade compatible in line with Pega best practice. This is achieved by de-coupling prices and actions, avoiding action proliferation (i.e. the duplication of products*price) thus ensuring the action catalogue is easier to maintain or extend.


  • De-couple prices from offers
    Separate offers from the prices that could be charged for those offers, manage offers in an offer catalogue (offer definition, eligibility, compatibility, etc.), and manage prices in an extension point.
  • Custom-built Personalised Pricing extension point
    Manage all prices, or pricing parameters (e.g. floors, ceilings, margin thresholds, discounts, etc.) in a dedicated extension point allowing in-life teams to maintain them easily, all whilst keeping the application performant.
  • Upgrade compatible
    Best practice implementation of extension points in Next Best Action Designer allows for easy upgrades, and can be leveraged to customise a variety of other solutions (not just price) that differentiate customer experiences.


Our Personalised Pricing packaged service offering enables businesses to balance their commercial needs (i.e. margin) whilst remaining competitive in the market and individualising every interaction with their customers; allowing for a personalised price, per offer, per customer.

The key benefits of our packaged service offering are:

  • Increased value from customer interactions from any product(s) or service(s) – carefully allowing a business to balance commercial needs with customer experiences
  • Easy to build with a scalable design framework which decouples prices from offers, thus reducing the risk of offer proliferation (i.e. number of offers *number of prices – with one offer for each combination)
  • Simplified ongoing operational processes as a result of the discretely built solution in an extension point. The design pattern also allows new offers to be launched quickly, inheriting the learnings from previous offers because of the repeatable design framework.
  • Accelerated time to market allowing businesses to respond to competitor moves with a solution designed to be adopted by in-life teams, and which allows business users to flex business levers and update business rules.
  • Performant offer evaluation by CEPs as a result of offers and prices being de-coupled thus allowing for offer evaluation to take place before pricing (instead of the CEP evaluating duplicate versions of an offer which only differ by price. This allows the CEP to only assess the eligibility of each offer once, and then append a personalised price to only the eligible offers).

Find out more about this solution by contacting us here or via Pega Marketplace.


Modernising your Pega Platform carries key benefits for your organisation, including:

  • Increased Efficiency: Streamlined processes and improved automation lead to higher efficiency.

  • Better Customer Engagement: Enhanced capabilities allow for more personalised and effective customer interactions.

  • Cost Savings: Optimised resource utilisation and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Future-Proofing: Ensuring the platform is equipped to handle future business needs and technological advancements.

However, modernisation can be regarded as a minefield of challenges and priorities that often constrain an organisation from making the obvious moves to progress and reap the clear benefits. Fortunately, DCS is on-hand as your experienced partner ready to empower your vital transition. 

Key areas DCS supports clients with Platform Modernisation

Upgrading to Latest Versions

  • Performance Improvements: Newer versions of Pega offer optimised performance and scalability.
  • New Features: Each release includes new features and capabilities that can enhance business processes.
  • Security Enhancements: Upgrades include the latest security patches and improvements.

Cloud Migration

  • Scalability and Flexibility: Moving Pega applications to the cloud allows for better scalability and flexibility.
  • Cost Efficiency: Cloud solutions can reduce infrastructure costs and improve resource utilisation.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Cloud-based environments support better collaboration among teams.

Modern User Experience

  • Responsive Design: Modernising Pega applications includes adopting responsive design principles for better user experiences across devices.
  • Intuitive Interfaces: Enhancing the user interface to be more intuitive and user-friendly.

Integration with Emerging Technologies

  • AI and Machine Learning: Integrating AI and ML to enhance decision-making processes and automate tasks.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Using RPA to automate repetitive tasks and improve efficiency.
  • Advanced Analytics: Implementing advanced analytics for better insights and data-driven decision making.

Process Optimisation

  • Streamlined Workflows: Reviewing and optimising business processes to eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • Best Practices: Adopting industry best practices for process management and automation.

Governance and Compliance

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that the modernised platform meets all relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Governance Frameworks: Implementing robust governance frameworks to manage changes and ensure consistency.

Training and Change Management

  • Skill Development: Training teams on new features and best practices.
  • Change Management: Implementing change management strategies to ensure smooth transitions and user adoption.

Modernising the Pega Platform can significantly enhance your organisation’s ability to respond to changing business environments, improve operational efficiency, and deliver superior customer experiences. Let DCS help you streamline your path to success and time-to-value.


Paid channels are often disconnected from owned channels, leaving marketers wondering if their advertising spend is yielding intended results. By consuming the full fidelity of enterprise first-party data from owned channels along with real-time decisioning and AI, marketers can eliminate wasteful Ad spend, drive more conversions and acquire high-value prospects.


  • Eliminate wasteful Ad spend
    By suppressing low-value Ads, eliminating irrelevant and in-eligible actions.
  • Drive more conversions
    Conversion signals from owned channels injected to paid channels to optimize bid priority for action that will drive higher conversions.
  • Acquire high-value prospects
    Create paid audiences based from your high-valued best customers by adopting paid look-a-like capabilities.


Our Paid Media Manager packaged service offering empowers organizations to drive value from paid media channels by targeting audiences more accurately and cost efficiently. We achieve this by leveraging the enterprise first-party data and insights, whilst respecting customer privacy. This, coupled with the audience sync functionality optimizes audience segmentation automatically and regularly and is unlike other solutions in the market that are manual, essentially requiring an export and upload of audiences into in the paid media manager.

The key benefits of our packaged service offering are:

  • Accelerated time to market with verified and documented process to overcome hassles of ad account and app setup across all supported ad platforms
  • Scalable approach with established patterns to increase Return on Ad Spend, acquire high-value prospect and maximise conversions and value based on customer value.
  • Ease of maintenance with deeper understanding of the implementation, with opportunities to extend the solution beyond out-of-the-box-supported ad platforms like TikTok.
  • Adopt CDH best practices to increase engagement through AI-driven action relevance by applying business rules such as Pega Customer Decision Hub action validity, engagement policy, and suppression rules.
  • Unlock full potential of Paid Media Manager by integration with all out-of-the-box-supported paid media platforms, such as Facebook ads, Google ads, and LinkedIn ads.

Find out more about this solution by contacting us here or via Pega Marketplace.


Businesses often talk about the desire to have a unified decisioning engine to manage complex customer engagement across many channels, to federate access to business teams and be able to react quickly to their customer’s needs. But how can you do this at pace, whilst maintaining confidence and quality in the experiences they’re providing to their customers? Our Test Automation solution has been custom-built to help businesses tackle this exact challenge.


  • Integration with workflow tools (e.g. Jira or Agile Studio)
    Automate the progress of tasks and stories with updates to test cases, and defects from the initial planning phase to the final release of the software. Its seamless integration eliminates the need for manual intervention when updating JIRA with test results, evidence, and raising defects to development teams.
  • Integration with DevOps Tools (e.g. Jenkins or Pega Deployment Manager)
    Seamless integration with all popular DevOps tools including Jenkins, GitLab and Pega Deployment Manager (PDM). This allows organisations to incorporate testing into their CI/CD DevOps process, ensuring that software applications are tested thoroughly and reliably before they before being released.
  • Reporting and Analysis
    Easy to use dashboard with reports and insights on the test results, as well as the ability to automate raising defects found during testing.
  • Platform and Industry Agnostic
    A platform and industry agnostic solution, able to be used across different technologies (such as Pega, Salesforce etc.), industry domains or operating systems without requiring significant modifications or changes to the solution.
  • Integration with existing test harness(es)
    Easy integration with other existing test harness like TestComplete, IBM Rational Functional Tester, Eggplant, Telerik etc (TBD – Work in progress).


Our Test Automation Framework offering delivers quality excellence to our customers. Our solution helps businesses accelerate release cycles, reduce overall testing time, and improve product quality. It provides comprehensive test coverage, seamless integration with existing systems, and advanced reporting features.

The key benefits of our packaged service offering are:

  • Confidence in your quality assurance processes giving businesses the ability to deliver change across the organisation, at pace whilst being confident in the experiences they’re delivering to their customers.
  • Reduced operational cost to the business in comparison to the same level of support required to execute test scripts manually. This is further compounded by the cost effective implementation costs as a result of the framework being entirely built using open source technology.
  • Easy user adoption of the test harness as a result of its user friendly and easy to adopt framework allowing inlife teams to support its on-going maintenance. This adoption is often critical to its application, especially in organisations who are implementing automation testing for the first time.
  • Simple customisation of the framework in comparison to other frameworks allowing organisations to tailor the solution to their needs. Its flexibility allows for a wide variety of testing scenarios/channels and can integrate with different software products and applications.
  • Scalable design framework to allow for adoption of growing number of channels and customer journeys resulting in the increase the overall number of test cases/suites, all whilst maintaining overall quality excellence. With its ability to trigger parallel test executions, our harness enables faster and more efficient testing resulting in improved testing outcomes.

Find out more about this solution by contacting us here or via Pega Marketplace.

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